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What they say about us


Luke has an amazing ability to make a connection with a child, to draw out their playfulness and encourage them to stretch themselves. All three of my children (14-8) were instantly captivated by him and this despite all the lessons they’ve had being on zoom. My two boys have since sailed triumphantly through their first LAMDA exams with Distinction and all three have grown enormously in confidence. Luke was a mental health gift to my children during lockdown and we can’t thank or recommend him highly enough.

Yvette - Parent

Having a child with Autism and attachment issues is very challenging, not just for us but for everyone he works with as he pushes them away and they end up having enough of him. Luke is one of the very special people in life that has patience in abundance and is passionate about what he teaches. He taught my son in a special needs provision and when he left there he continued with him via zoom. He has made him feel confident, clever ,likable and inspires him, He is always excited to get ready for his lesson. We feel incredibly grateful that we met him and thank him for all his support. This is the only intervention that has worked for my son and he is now 17. Everyone should try this Drama to build self esteem, confidence and gain self worth for your children

Ellen - Parent

During lockdown we needed to move to a virtual option for LAMDA and we were a little concerned how effective and enjoyable it would be online. We needn’t have been, Abi has been a fantastic Tutor and my son really enjoys his lessons. Together they turn the sitting room into a stage and I’m pleased to say my son achieved a Distinction in his latest exam. Thoroughly recommended.

Hugo - Parent

Katie at Louder Drama has been a godsend! We started zoom lessons with her last year and my daughter has just completed her second LAMDA exam. Katie is helping her progress at a speed that is absolutely perfect for her. Katie is engaging, enthusiastic, kind, patient and a brilliant teacher. All this has been proved by the 99/100 mark my daughter got in her first LAMDA exam. We cannot recommend her and Louder Drama enough. And to be able to do it all via zoom is just so incredibly awesome.

Rebecca - Parent

My daughter has been attending Louder Drama lessons for Acting with Julian for around 8 months and she absolutely loves going to class every week. She has grown in confidence and skill on stage and I feel her training has helped her to be more expressive and confident outside the class as well.
Julian is a very enthusiastic, dedicated, hardworking and motivational educator who makes every lesson fun as well as purposeful. Whether your child already loves the spotlight or needs a little encouragement to let their light shine, I’m sure they will enjoy being a part of Louder Drama and develop wonderful skills they will use throughout their life.

Megha- Parent

Luke Stevenson has worked with 2 students from the resourced provision within a large comprehensive school . Both are able students who, nevertheless, needed to build their presentational and public speaking skills for a hearing audience. During the course of their work with Luke they, noticeably, improved in confidence , their ability to project their voices,  noting the importance of effective timing and pause  as well as diction and speaking with expression. All these nuances are particularly challenging for deaf students. However,  in the most recent LAMDA exam, one student achieved a high Merit (one mark short of a distinction) The other has happily addressed the whole staff of our school more than once and has volunteered to take part in training staff from a partner school, in deaf friendly teaching. He will both present a power point and answer unscripted  questions. Prior to  the work done with Luke neither of these outcomes would have seemed possible. We and the students and their parents are so grateful for the excellent work and results Luke has achieved that will undoubtedly improve the life/ higher education and career chances of these young people.

Louise - Teacher

I wanted to say thank you so so much for everything you have done for my son. You have been so important and have given a sense of a different part of himself that I hope he will treasure and hold on to.


My son has had a very difficult past year in mainstream school. He has high functioning autism and is in danger of becoming excluded from society because he thinks and behaves differently. The private drama classes have been an absolute lifeline. They have given him a space to express himself freely, in a non judgmental, open and creative way. They have boosted his confidence, given him skills and allowed him to be accepted and valued 100% for who he is. Most importantly Luke has given him a place to be happy in school . It is most definitely the highlight of his week.

Lucy - Parent

Luke is absolutely fantastic. My son George was always super shy about standing up and doing anything in public. Over lockdown we started sessions over zoom and it has done wonders for his confidence, he now projects his voice more, plays around with accents and doesn't want to fade into the background. He has just auditioned and got a part in the school play which he would never have done before this and recently got a distinction in his first LAMDA exam. It's not just for kids who want to act I would say, has been great for any public speaking and generally getting himself heard.

Rachel - Parent

Abi is a fantastic, enthusiastic tutor.  She makes my shy, reticent, grumpy child come out of his shell and find a voice through the characters and situations she helps him bring to life with such enthusiasm, encouragement and positivity.  She has a very caring, nurturing and vibrant personality bringing fun and positive support to the lesson.

Fiona - Parent

We are delighted. As educators we know how significant the quality of teaching is to such outcomes and remain hugely indebted to you for providing such an outstanding provision for our son - he is so fortunate to work with you.

David - Parent

Abi has been instrumental in transforming my daughter's confidence to speak publicly. My daughter was painfully shy before she started her lessons with Abi. My daughter's school teachers have been amazed at her development when reading aloud with confidence and a lot of expressions! This is reflected in her achieving a distinction grade in her LAMDA exam. All credit belongs to Abi in coaching my daughter and bringing her out of her shell.

Maily - Parent

I'm the head of drama in a busy London comprehensive and have been overwhelmed by the sincere dedication that our LAMDA teacher has provided for our students this year. The excellent performance training and confidence building has been evidenced all over school with students showing great improvements in their social ability and self-assurance. From our high achievers studying drama for GCSE to our SEND students wanting to develop social skills, LAMDA lessons have been accessible for all.   I want to say a massive thank you to our LAMDA teacher Luke who never fails to inspire and support our students with his knowledge.

Mollee - Teacher

My daughter sees Luke on Zoom so I’ve seen first hand how adept he is at understanding and responding to her. He’s able to take her out of her comfort zone and gets really playful performances from her. I love listening in and seeing how much she enjoys it.  She hates Zoom and stopped all her regular activities in lockdown - but LAMDA she has loved!

Rachel - Parent

When our son was offered a LAMDA class through his school we jumped at the chance, having heard that acting lessons can help with confidence building in children.  We believe that the LAMDA classes have helped him come out of his shell and gain confidence. That, to a great degree, is due to Luke who knows how to encourage & push children to do their best, whilst having fun at the same time. A great bonus, is that LAMDA qualifications count in the new UCAS tariff. So he’s got something extra to add to his university application form.

Souha - Parent

My 13 year old daughter struggles with being very shy and lacks confidence and I’ve been trying to think of ways to boost this. Luke was very supportive from the start explaining how lessons would help. Our teacher Abi has been amazing with my daughter supporting her with acting. My daughter absolutely loves acting and this has shone through in her personality. She’s more confident and loves acting as a way of expression. She recently sat her exams and got a Distinction! I cannot recommend Louder Drama enough! Very grateful for Abi and her professional coaching and support.

Nira - Parent

I look forward to my lessons with Luke. They give me confidence and joy. Luke is always really enthusiastic and great fun.


It has without doubt improved my son's public speaking and his confidence and it’s also developed his thinking skills. He clearly gets a buzz from the way Luke challenges and stretches him while making it feel like great fun.

Rachel - Parent

My son is profoundly deaf but wears a cochlear implant and is aural and a clear speaker. Two years ago we were offered the opportunity for him to take the speech and drama classes to help improve his confidence in public speaking. He reluctantly took the lessons at first but soon started enjoying it and he himself noticed that the lessons were making a positive difference in the way he spoke. Last year he sat his 1st LAMDA exam and just missed out on a distinction by a couple of marks. He is now preparing to take his 2nd level exam but even if he had chosen not to take the exam the lessons would have still benefited him.
In terms of Luke, he is well organised and diligent. He sends us a weekly timetable for my son’s lesson and always replies quickly to any queries we may have. He organises the exams and gently reminds us of any deadlines. I think school kids can certainly gain a lot of confidence in going through this program

Syed - Parent

I found Louder Drama over the first lockdown as something fun for my son to do! He loved it from the very first trial session and was adamant in signing up. Abi is his tutor, and honestly she is the loveliest, most patient and kind teacher, always full of energy and encouragement; meaning my sons confidence, self esteem and creativity have grown and grown in the most difficult of times!

Helen - Parent

My son has been taught and completed LAMDA Grade 1 with great marks but most importantly Julian made it fun.

Julian just knows what parts would be best suited to him. Then with his expertise guidance and support he guided my son through the LAMDA exams with confidence, ease and even enjoying them!

I can highly recommend Julian and his LAMDA tutorials. He is truly amazing. 

He is a dream for every parent!

I am so glad we met him! 


The lessons are thoroughly enjoyable, especially when getting to know your character. It also helped me with my confidence a lot which is really helpful. Luke is very nice to work with and is very engaging.


I always thought that my son had a talent for acting so when the opportunity to have lessons with Luke came up I jumped at the chance. The lessons have been fantastic & my son has developed skills in a variety of genres thanks to Luke. He’s managed to keep my son engaged & makes acting fun whilst ensuring that my son is developing in every lesson. Recently Luke organised a performance with all his students at my son’s school & it was AMAZING!!! He is clearly very skilled at getting kids to showcase their talent. I’d recommend Luke to anyone with a child interested in acting or developing their confidence.

Anna - Parent

This is is exactly what I was hoping for!
It has boosted my daughter's confidence. Lessons are taken at her pace but push just enough out of her comfort zone to not scare her. She's full of enthusiasm & really enjoys Luke's teaching. The one to one lessons have been great.


Our daughter (year 4) has revelled in learning, interacting and achieving her LAMDA Grade 2 with Luke. Learning with him has been one of the highlights of her week. Her confidence levels at school and when communicating with adults and strangers has had a huge boost. Thank you!

Nicola - Parent

Luke's teaching helped our son to build confidence and find his voice. This programme is a great antidote in a big school environment where children can express themselves. It is not only an education but also a therapy in my view. The recent LAMDA show was a real eye opener. Thank you Luke for continuing to inspire our son.

Mina - Parent

My daughter really enjoys her classes with Luke. She was already interested in drama and this challenges and engages her and has been great for her confidence. it has also been super easy to organise as Luke is very organised and lets us know exactly when and where they have to be

Sarah - Parent

My son is following the LAMDA Acting Level One syllabus with Luke - he enjoys the classes very much and has passed his first exam. Luke is extremely organised and keeps me well informed about timetabling and my son's progress.  My son has become a very confident speaker since starting classes with Luke.

Sue - Parent

My son (aged 11)  has thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to his lessons with Luke over the last year, resulting in a fantastic Distinction for his first ever LAMDA Exam. We would definitely recommend him.

Sarah - Parent

Luke is very engaging during lessons with my 5 year old son and has been instrumental in improving his confidence and letter pronunciation. The lessons have also introduced my son to expressions and proper use of sound which not only help with his everyday conversation but also with his reading skills. The lessons are also structured to be fun which is very important at such a young age.

Mrs Hassan - Parent

A big thank you Luke for your classes, that my son has enjoyed so much. I have seen how engaged and enthused he is and that is a real credit to you and your obvious skill and commitment. He told me that you are ‘a really nice guy’ and that he has learned a lot, particularly the skill of monologuing, which has given him real confidence in public speaking. I could not recommend these classes enough.

Natasha - Parent

My son’s confidence and understanding has grown exponentially, and we thank you for that more than you can know.

Helen - Parent

My daughter really enjoys your classes and is excelling in her speech which is amazing for me to see as a mother. A big thank you to you as she has struggled a lot with low self esteem and confidence and in your lessons she is really starting to be herself

Sita - Parent

I am so glad I came across this this drama group. My daughter's tutor Abi is lovely. She engages well with both myself and my daughter. My daughter is very happy working with Abi as she is very patient and honest with her. My daughter looks forward to learning something new in every lesson.

Angelyn - Parent

Luke's lessons are amazing for my daughter! She looks forward to them every week and he is helping her to make such great progress in her acting. Big big thank you Luke!

Roza - Parent

Luke has been our daughter's LAMDA teacher for over a year now. He is an excellent teacher. He explains lessons in a way that a child can understand what he needs to do. He is always on time to lessons. He is very good with children, patient, respectful and kind. I would recommend him to all parents

Mrs Brown - Parent

Louder Drama provide excellent classes.
Harry, our daughters' tutor is fantastic. He is very thorough and very patient with them and the girls look forward to the weekly lessons (now online due to Covid) and fun warm ups.
Despite the exams being switched to an online assessment, Harry covered all aspects of the syllabus, including giving them mock assessments and boosting their confidence. They not only came out with distinctions, we have also seen an improvement in their creativity and confidence

Nola - Parent

My daughters are really enjoying their drama sessions with Luke. They have been taking part in remote sessions via video call throughout the lockdown. Luke is great with them - he is really enthusiastic, funny and very clear with his instructions. The girls have lots of fun during the sessions and look forward to them. I have seen them grow in confidence since starting and would definitely recommend Luke for anyone looking for fun drama classes for their kids.

Sharin - Parent

Katie is an extraordinary tutor. Easily, she got my daughter engaged, excited and happy in every single lesson....

A big thank you for all the efforts from your MARVELLOUS staff Katie. She makes your company really special.

Liney - Parent

I’m so impressed that she was able to memorise the script as her dyslexia means my daughter particularly struggles with tasks that require a lot of memory skills. Thank you for all your hard work.

Krysha - Parent

Harry has been absolutely brilliant... I would definitely recommend your company and indeed Harry to others in the future.

Christina - Parent

Please pass on our thanks to Harry for his brilliant teaching, My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and has picked up some valuable skills, which will help with her confidence going forward.


My daughter has lessons with Harry, and I have seen her confidence grow since she started. Harry is very patient and enthusiastic and my daughter really enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them... I would recommend Louder Drama to anyone to build confidence with speech and drama.

Julie - Parent

Luke has been teaching LAMDA to my daughter for nearly 18 months. She has enjoyed her lessons - both initially in person and more recently in a virtual manner. The sessions are fun and engaging. Luke teaches in a supportive way and has inspired her to perform well - culminating in a recent distinction in her exam. I would definitely highly recommend Luke.


Katie is fantastic she answers my questions and handles my daughters needs fantastically. From giving her reward stickers to really encouraging her to make choices on her own. Which is something i have struggled with for a while. A all round fantastic drama class and to make it better my daughter is really happy when she finishes the class. The progress is great thankyou.

Louise - Parent

My 13 and 8 year olds both attend fun sessions with Luke. While motivation wanes for home schooling they always love their sessions with Luke. These are creative and expressive. Thanks for keeping them interested and making sessions fun!

Mintra - Parent

Our son has been working with Luke for just over a year and has loved every single class. The sessions started in school and have continued online to the same high quality. He has just passed his first grade with distinction and is so enthusiastic about carrying on to the next grade. He describes Luke as, 'absolutely brilliant; really kind; an excellent teacher who chooses great scripts!' What more can we say - we are really grateful to have access to such engaging speech and drama tuition and have Luke as our child's tutor.

Anne - Parent

The classes have been really good and my daughter has been enjoying them. Katie has been a fantastic teacher and we really love the energy she brings into the class.

Somya - Parent

My daughter really enjoys her classes with Luke. She was already interested in drama and this challenges and engages her and has been great for her confidence. it has also been super easy to organise as Luke is very organised and lets us know exactly when and where they have to be.

Sarah - Parent

'My son is following the LAMDA Acting Level One syllabus with Luke - he enjoys the classes very much and has passed his first exam. Luke is extremely organised and keeps me well informed about timetabling and my son's progress.  My son has become a very confident speaker since starting classes with Luke

Sue - Parent

My son has had a really positive experience with his LAMDA drama lessons with Luke. The sessions are well organised, sensitive to my son’s interests and fun. Luke’s teaching style encourages engagement and development. A great feature of the course is that it helps to build verbal confidence. I fully recommend it.


My 8 and 11 year old were introduced to virtual  LAMDA back in March 2020, during the first lockdown in the UK.  Spring passed by and summer came and with it, nothing else to look forward to except …. Luke.  Both boys were only too happy to escape from the drudgery into a different realm, just with the use of words and imagination.  They loved the lessons back then and continue to do so a year on, even with the on-off schooling.


LAMDA with Luke helps me to express my voice and will hopefully help me achieve my goal which is to become an actor and film director.


As a mum, I’ve seen my 8 year old, now 9, take on reading with passion and expression, culminating in him wanting to write creative stories with thankfully, no input from me!


LAMDA with Luke in this Lockdown has replaced football as the main outlet for my 9 year old son.


Luke’s fun, nice and inspiring. He makes me laugh. He’s full of ideas when we’re working on a scene, and he’s very easy-going if I for some reason don’t like his ideas. He always gives constructive feedback. That is very helpful. He’s also very consistent in his teaching.


The classes have been great. Katie is really professional and my daughter has enjoyed the classes with her. I am glad I booked them!

Sarah - Parent

Luke has given our daughter LAMDA classes for two years. She loves his acting lessons. We can clearly see the positive progress she has made being guided by Luke. The cherry on the cake was when she was given a Distinction for her LAMDA exam. Our daughter wouldn’t have reached that mark without Luke’s professional, inspiring approach. We feel incredibly proud and grateful. Thank you Luke.

Carin - Parent

My granddaughter was offered LAMDA lessons with Luke in her first year high school. We eagerly took this opportunity as she has always had an interest in drama and theatre. What a wonderful and rewarding experience it has been for her and we just found out that she has passed her first exam with distinction! Luke taught, guided and coached her patiently and professionally to help her achieve this amazing result.

Elaine - Parent

My son has been attending Zoom Louder Drama classes with Julian since the first lockdown in March 2020 . My son suffers from speech and language delay and has confidence issues.

LAMDA is the one class that he LOVES and has given him enormous confidence and enjoyment.

Julian knows how to bring out the best in him and is a remarkable teacher, who cares for every child, whether a budding actor or not! He sees light in every child and it is evident from his lessons.


Our daughter started with friends in a group LAMDA session with Louder Drama through school, and progressed to one-on-one lessons during lockdown, where her LAMDA lessons went online. She spent time practicing so that she could make the most of her online time with Luke.  She thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and Luke encouraged and offered improvements all the time.  When her LAMDA exam came, she felt prepared but was obviously a little nervous.  She came out of the exam and felt that she had done very well.  She was over the moon when her result came in and she had been awarded a Distinction.  Luke is an excellent teacher/coach and our daughter is looking forward to more LAMDA lessons and progressing to the next level.

Pete - Parent

My daughter has enjoyed working with Luke for the past couple of years now. She says that the lessons are fun and have really helped her improve her confidence in speaking and presentation. Furthermore, she has been working with her friend during lessons and has now completed her first exam with a distinction. I would recommend Luke’s lessons to other parents.

Elaine - Parent

My daughter started LAMDA in Year 7 in school. I really like that she can have face to face lessons at school and the schedule rotates so she doesn’t miss too much of one subject. Luke has been great in his communication and is more than happy to accommodate timetable changes when necessary. I have seen my daughter grow in confidence, maturity and responsibility. Two years on, she is loving the classes and actively looks forward to her next session. Thanks Luke

Swati - Parent

Our son approached his first LAMDA class with Luke with some trepidation; gone by the end of the day when he returned home! He regularly tells us about his class, the things he learned, the comedic timing. Luke is an engaging teacher; he has given confidence and skill. That our son genuinely likes him as well as respects him is testament to Luke’s ability to engage in the brief weekly sessions. To his delight, our son received a distinction at examination and we are looking forward to our younger kids joining in Luke’s LAMDA classes.

Selma - Parent

My son has been doing the drama and public speaking sessions for two years now and really enjoys them. Luke makes the sessions fun, so the kids have a laugh while learning and gaining confidence. I can see that the communications skills he is developing are useful to him now at school and will also benefit him later in the world of work.

Beckie - Parent

My son started LAMDA at secondary school and it is the one class he still wants to do over 2 years later! Luke even managed to keep him going when everything went onto zoom.  He seems to have a really clever way of engaging each individual child and catering to their specific needs and strengths. My son just got distinction in his 2nd exam and while a lot else in his life currently feels like a struggle, you could see how pleased he was to have a sense of independent and personal success. Thank you Luke for being patient and encouraging. Long may he continue with your classes!

Tamsin - Parent

Luke Stevenson has been teaching my son for a couple of years and has been a wonderful teacher. Luke has a brilliant way of encouraging and inspiring young people and giving them confidence to perform. My son always looks forward to his lessons with Luke and he has learnt a lot of useful techniques and improved in terms of his ability to speak publicly. I highly recommend Luke.

Sarah - Parent

My drama teacher Katie is the best drama teacher that I could’ve ever hoped for. She is so enthusiastic and makes me look forward to my lessons every week. She has made me feel comfortable about doing my pieces every since the first session and with her I’m not as nervous for my exams. If you could choose anywhere to do LAMDA, then I would definitely recommend Louder Drama with Katie.


I cannot extol the virtues of Luke Stevenson enough.  Luke teaches the LAMDA course at my Sons secondary school.

My Son has enjoyed the lessons with Luke from day one and recently, he passed his Grade 1 with a merit.  I know this amazing result was greatly attributed to Luke’s ability to connect with my Son, to engage and encourage him to believe in himself and his ability.  My Son has great respect for Luke, especially for helping him build his confidence and ‘find his voice’, an invaluable tool for any teenager, especially these days.

Luke seems to bring out the best in each pupil, taking the time to get to know them so as to tailor the lessons to the needs of that child.  He is positive, enthusiastic, engaging and is happy to accommodate for changes of lessons, should the need arise.

During lockdown, the lessons seamlessly continued via zoom, which was very important so as to not lose the momentum of the pieces my Son was learning - it also gave me the chance to eavesdrop a few times!

This isn’t just my opinion; I have spoken to other parents who have children who partake in ‘Louder Drama’, and the opinion is pretty much the same; Luke’s great !

Antonina - Parent

Luke and Katie have been fantastic! My son started speech and drama sessions with Louder Drama during lock down and he has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons.

His tutor Katie is amazing and handles my son really well by encouraging him and giving him reward stickers and certificates. He recently sat his Grade 1 LAMDA exam and he got a distinction! All this wouldn’t have been possible with all the hard work from Katie and proper guidance from Luke. I would thoroughly recommend Louder Drama as my son has progressed really well.

Shikha - Parent

My daughter started public speaking lessons with Luke as a shy and reluctant speaker but under Luke’s coaching her speaking confidence and fluency has increased noticeably.  My daughter found that Luke gave her space to say what she wanted to say for herself, not putting words into her mouth but instead giving her guidance to find her own voice.

Caren - Parent

Luke helped my daughter achieve a distinction in her LAMDA exam during summer 2021. She enjoyed his open, friendly and understanding approach in drawing out her interests and her strengths. Luke was flexible with transitioning classes from school onto zoom through lockdown. My daughter felt very comfortable under his guidance, to explore her texts, characters and settings.
Luke gave her tips on facial expression, on tone and pitch so that her understanding and acting of the monologues seemed ‘natural’ to her. She has mentioned that the classes helped her gain more confidence in herself and in expressing her thoughts. Luke helped her prepare for her exam and imparted positivity throughout her exercises. He encouraged her well and undertook booking her for the exam.
My daughter will continue studying with Luke and taking higher exams.

Zoya - Parent

Both my daughter, aged 14, and son, aged 11, have online drama lessons with Abi which they really enjoy. My daughter recently passed her Grade 4 with a Distinction, and loves getting into the characters and playing with accents. It is wonderful to see my son also throw himself into the characters with energy and enthusiasm. This is because Abi makes them both feel comfortable to fully express themselves, due to her intuitive and supportive approach.
They are both learning a huge amount, and their confidence is growing as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend Abi.

Magali - Parent

LAMDA has been fantastic for my son who is currently year 11.  He started with individual lessons with Luke at his school in around year 9 and recently has been studying as a duo (a great experience) with a friend.  I can highly recommend LAMDA and specifically Luke as a teacher.  My son enjoyed the sessions so much, they were always interesting and challenging.  Luke is totally focussed on each individual and the work supports their confidence and personal development.  My son was working between grades 4 & 5 when the first lockdown hit, and Luke quickly brought lessons online and was one of the first teachers to embrace the necessary tech (Zoom) and make it easy for us.  When the second lockdown hit, and exams were affected, he actively started to work with them to jump a grade, and they have just received a Distinction in grade 6.  We are so happy for our son and his duo partner, they worked so hard.  But massive thanks are also due to Luke, who supported their growing skills and made the work so interesting.

Cathy - Parent

My daughter has loved doing LAMDA. Luke has always been really encouraging, supportive and flexible, and prepared her brilliantly for the exams. She has both enjoyed them and gained real skills.

Sarah - Parent

I highly recommend Luke at Louder Drama, who has taught my son for 2.5 years, through both individual Zoom lessons and in-person group sessions at school. The individual Zoom classes were a highlight of my son’s week during lockdown, significantly contributing to his wellbeing during that difficult period. My son has also really enjoyed the group work, which sounds fun, interesting and challenging. Luke is great at communicating with parents, and I appreciate his flexibility and sensitivity around my son’s needs. Last but not least, we are all completely delighted with the outcome of my son’s recent LAMDA exam. I know that Luke’s support and additional coaching in the lead up to the assessment proved invaluable. Thank you Luke!

Natasha - Parent

My daughter started LAMDA classes this year and absolutely loves them. She has always enjoyed performing, but LAMDA has helped her fine tune speeches and really think about the characters she is portraying. With her recent duologue exam, I was impressed by how much practise she put in and the whole experience was a great boost to her confidence.

Shanti - Parent

Katie has a brilliant teaching style and is able to articulate concepts and techniques in a clear and concise way. My daughter's confidence has significantly improved and results are already showing up in a positive way. Katie puts in lots of thought into how she presents her material and her lessons are engaging, useful and entertaining. Katie is very friendly, polite and patient and my daughter greatly enjoys her lessons. I am very confident of my daughter's success with Katie's coaching.

Ganesh - Parent

My son has really loved his LAMDA classes with Luke at his school. He attends paired lessons and recently took his exam with great results, having thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Taking classes with this inspirational teacher has led to my son choosing to take drama at GCSE. I would highly recommend Luke for LAMDA classes.

Tessa - Parent

My son has been doing LAMDA classes for a year or so and loves them. Enjoys the classes and I feel that it's built his confidence. Being able to get a recognised qualification at the end is also a bonus. Luke has been amazing - a kind, talented and supportive teacher.

Leila - Parent

My daughter has been doing Luke’s classes for the last two years and she looks forward to them every week. Not only is Luke’s teaching excellent, with scripts and performances tailored to the individual students and detailed feedback to help them develop and progress, but the classes are also a lot of fun

Rachel - Parent

Since starting LAMDA classes at school, my son has enjoyed the tremendous drama coaching offered by Luke Stevenson.  Luke is a warm, funny and encouraging teacher who truly lets pupils find their own voice and their best means of expression.  Under his guidance, my son has achieved outstanding results in the LAMDA examinations which has staggered me but reinforced his already ebullient sense  of self confidence. 

Rhodri - Parent

My 12 year old son has dyslexia and dyspraxia and suffers from severe anxiety. He has always loved drama but has struggled to make the most of his ability due to his additional educational needs. Luke has been a fantastic support to him over the last year; my son loves his lessons and has really grown in confidence and maturity. It's been great to see him bring the texts to life and we were thrilled when (even with his nerves) he passed his first exam with Distinction. Every child should have Luke in their life

Sian - Parent

Luke is wonderful, supportive, caring and chilled! Lamda lessons are amazing amazing amazing


I would like to recommend LAMDA and specifically Luke who holds it all together for us parents, He keeps us in check with everything and could not be more accommodating with helping us make it all work. 
My son very much loves his sport, and especially football, so that he has taken an interest in LAMDA and is thoroughly enjoying it, says to me that the teachers are also doing an extraordinary job in bringing out the best in him and have kept him engaged in a new and interesting topic, which ordinarily, might have easily been overlooked.

My son had an excellent result in his test and this is further proof of the great work the teachers do and that my son is enjoying and learning, is very important too!

Thank you Luke and your team for opening a new dimension in my son's learning and enjoyment.

Santana - Parent

Thanks to Luke's able guidance and encouragement, My daughter grew in confidence over the year and passed her LAMDA exam with Distinction! We are very proud of her achievement and happy that she continues to challenge herself. 


It is amazing to see my son at the moment. Every day brings a new delight. 

Thank you for all you have done and are still doing. You gave them an amazing gift, a way to be heard, and way out of the darkness. 

Thank you so much again.


My daughter greatly enjoys and benefits from the LAMDA classes taught by Luke. Within a short time of starting the classes, she passed the Grade 1 LAMDA exam with Distinction. She was delighted with the result! I recommend Luke's LAMDA classes to every child.

Vesselina - Parent

My daughter has been doing LAMDA for nearly three years now. LAMDA has been a brilliant way for my daughter to learn to perform and she gets a lot from it. She even enjoys working towards the exams (which are non-compulsory). I sometimes worry that girls aren't given (or don't take - discuss!) as many opportunities as their male counterparts to perform and build their confidence by doing so. LAMDA helps redress this.  She has a weekly half hour lesson with Luke and it is a really positive and important part of her week. She always emerges from it feeling energised and upbeat.

Jo - Parent

Not only has Alex been a huge eye-opener to the world of acting, but she has helped my daughter to build confidence for auditions and in everyday life. She always looks forward to her lessons and in her recent exam, got a distinction! We are so grateful for the opportunity of getting to take acting lessons from such a great teacher.

Monika - Parent

Alex has been helping my daughter with her acting skills and understanding characters' emotions.  She is kind, patient and very supportive.  My child has selective mutism, but has developed a great relationship with Alex and as a result has been able to perform in front of a stranger, as part of the LAMDA exam.  

Lisa - Parent

My son has thrived having Alex as his LAMDA tutor. He really enjoys his lessons, and they make a great, fun contrast to the rest of his busy day at school. She has been so helpful not only with the LAMDA syllabus itself (he recently took his first LAMDA exam and despite nerves passed with Distinction), but also for practice and advice with any auditions or public speaking he’s had to do. Would hugely recommend as a confidence-builder for any child.

Anne - Parent

My kids have really enjoyed their drama sessions with Luke, who has been a hugely supportive and inspiring teacher. My son has blossomed in confidence, learned to love performing, and just achieved a distinction in his exam. My daughter, who is autistic and very shy, has dazzled us all by delivering a confident and engaging performance to a theatre full of parents. I would highly recommend LAMDA classes, and Luke in particular, to all parents.

Amy - Parent

My daughter has been taking Lamda lessons for a year with Gemma and has really enjoyed her experience. Gemma encouraged my daughter to build on her confidence and her friendly approach to the lessons meant that my daughter was able to step out of her comfort zone and not only learn and develop, but also have fun during her lessons. Gemma engaged with my daughter right from the start and was always willing to address any questions without hesitation. As a result, my daughter passed her exam with a Distinction and will be continuing with LAMDA next year. Thank you Gemma!

Sadia - Parent

Julian has been invaluable in my daughter's LAMDA journey. His meticulous guidance and unwavering support played a pivotal role in her achieving a Distinction in her exam! We couldn't have asked for a better tutor to nurture her skills and confidence. Thank you, Julian, for your exceptional dedication and expertise.

Gustavo - Parent

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chris for his unwavering commitment to nurturing my daughter's drama talent during lessons, and particularly for mentoring her in LAMDA exam. My daughter achieved a fantastic result, passing with Distinction in a solo performance, and Chris's guidance undoubtedly played a significant role in her success

Danielle - Parent

My daughter did great at her acting exam! Jenna nurtured her passion, encouraged and motivated her throughout. Brilliant coaching and brilliant result!

Valeria - Parent

Elizabeth has been teaching my son for the last academic year. He has thrived under her tuition and has enjoyed every LAMDA class he has attended. Being part of these classes has really helped his confidence and myself and his father were amazed when we watched the spectacular end of term show case. Thank you Elizabeth!

Charlotte - Parent

My 13 year old son has enjoyed his classes so much and passed his first exam with flying colours thanks to his lovely teachers who encouraged and taught him in an engaging and professional manner.

Ana - Parent

My daughter has had a wonderfully positive experience at her Louder Drama after school club with Jenna! Thank you so much for all she has learnt and a chance to progress with her LAMDA exam and a thrilling result & comment from her examiner. Thanks to Jenna & Luke for everything.

Isabel - Parent

My Granddaughter is autistic and has also more recently been dealing with the effects of childhood trauma. Things have been difficult for her and was at times affecting her health mentally and physically, it was a worrying time and caused much concern. Throughout everything, Luke has continued to be kind, patient and understanding giving endless support with arrangements when things have been particularly difficult. Through this, my granddaughter trusted her wonderful tutor, Gemma and she has been an incredible teacher, guiding her through every step of the way with her experience, knowledge and professionalism along with her patience, understanding and kindness which helped my granddaughter with resilience and helped her to shine and to pass her Grade 4 LAMDA acting exam with Distinction. Thank you so much!

Isabel - Parent

It’s so amazing how far they have come. Doing drama really has saved their life - and you sowed that seed. You have been there for them right from the beginning. Acting has given them confidence, self-awareness and a way of defining themselves which is totally about who they are rather than who they feel they should be. 

They were scared today but if I tell them to “act confident” then they know they can do that! And off they go into the world. 


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