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Speech and Drama Classes in Schools

How does Louder Drama work with schools?

Our mission is to help you offer an extracurricular LAMDA provision for your pupils at little or no cost or inconvenience to you. 

We partner with schools across London in the most flexible way possible, to ensure that our service works well for both you and for your pupils.

Engaging a LAMDA Tutor will strengthen your drama department and provide individualised training for your students.

This is a great use of after school club time as students are working towards an Ofqual-regulated qualification.

Individuals and groups

We can provide individual lessons or group lessons for students of any school year.

Our expert tutors work with children and teenagers of any age.

Convenient timing

Our classes can be held at any time of day. We'll work with you on what's best for your timetable.

  • Before and after school

  • During lunch

  • Throughout the school day

There's no cost to you

Registration and financial arrangements can be made directly with parents, meaning there is absolutely no charge for the school.

Alternatively we can charge the school directly.

School Kids

LAMDA in Primary Schools

Studying for a LAMDA exam is a fantastic way to nurture creative potential in young people. Students receive bespoke, individual tutoring on their vocal and physical skills, whilst being encouraged to play, explore and express themselves.
This is an incredibly fun way for students to develop a love of poetry, literature and drama, and so improve standards of communication.
Giving students the opportunity to have their natural abilities nurtured at an early stage will enhance their self-confidence and thus the ability to engage and contribute without inhibition.

High School Student

LAMDA in Secondary Schools

LAMDA has been recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual.

LAMDA's vocational qualifications sit alongside GCSEs and A Levels on the Regulated Qualifications Framework, and at the higher grades, gain students UCAS points, which make them stronger candidates for universities.

This makes LAMDA a fantastic option for students who are interested in drama but have opted for other subjects at GCSE/A-Level. 

Much like a music grade, LAMDA provides an internationally recognised qualification for achievement in performance and communication studies.

Empty Classroom

"We are delighted. As educators we know how significant the quality of teaching is to such outcomes and remain hugely indebted to you for providing such an outstanding provision for our son - he is so fortunate to work with you."

David - Parent and Teacher

"Why entrust an external company with the management of our extracurricular LAMDA program? Why not handle it in-house?

Running an extracurricular LAMDA speech and drama program involves numerous intricate elements, and having a dedicated organization whose sole mission is to ensure the seamless operation of the program can prove invaluable.

Efficient Registration

Parents often have a multitude of queries before enrolling their children in classes. They require guidance on selecting the appropriate LAMDA syllabus strand for their child and advice on how the program can best benefit them.

Streamlined Financial Arrangements

Navigating financial matters can be a complex endeavour. We take this responsibility off your school's plate, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Effective Timetabling

Coordinating timetables, especially when students' extracurricular LAMDA classes clash with assessments, practicals, or other commitments, requires meticulous attention. We ensure both parents and students are well-informed about class schedules.

Responsive Problem Solving

Unexpected changes in school schedules can disrupt extracurricular activities. For instance, last-minute trips or vaccination days may prevent students from attending their paid-for classes. We step in to absorb these costs, ensuring minimal disruption.

Expertise with LAMDA

LAMDA is a vast organization examining over 100,000 students annually. Benefit from our extensive experience and established relationships with LAMDA, allowing us to navigate their processes seamlessly.

Contingency Planning

Even with the perfect LAMDA tutor, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt continuity. We provide backup coverage and a smooth transition if necessary, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

Conflict Resolution

Complexities may arise, such as students needing to change partners or disagreements between parents. We mediate and support to maintain a harmonious learning environment.

Leave It To Us

In essence, partnering with our company to manage your extracurricular provision allows you to focus on your already demanding workload. Let us handle the intricacies, so you can devote your energy to your core responsibilities

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