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Speech and Drama
Classes Online

'Isn't it harder to communicate over Zoom?'

Not for us

The Covid-19 pandemic has made video-calling a prominent feature of modern life. Here's just some of the advantages of online classes and why they're here to stay.

Access The Best Tutor For You

Exceptional tutors can teach your child in your own home, regardless of the distance between you. That means we can pair you with the very best tutor to suit your child's needs and dreams.

Comfort and Safety

Children can feel safe when taking and online class from a comfortable and familiar environment. This improves concentration and performance as they learn.

Flexible Class Times

Your child’s classes can work to your own schedule. It's easier to find a time for class with no travel time, and we make it easy for your to adjust and reschedule your classes to suit you.

Best Value For Money

We make savings when our tutors don't need to travel, and we pass those savings onto you, the customer.

The Acting Industry

If your child is passionate about acting and is interested in working professionally in television and film, it is important that they learn to act for camera.

From learning how to audition via 'self-tape,' to how to pitch a performance for screen, Zoom classes will give your child the best possible education.

Zoom Pros

Our exam results continue to be excellent.

We have not experienced any drop in exam results since early 2020.

Our students are now regularly taking acting and public speaking exams over Zoom and most still pass with Distinction.

We have developed a strong toolbox of methods to provide speech and drama tuition to the same exceptional standard.

"During lockdown we needed to move to a virtual option for LAMDA and we were a little concerned how effective and enjoyable it would be online. We needn’t have been, Abi has been a fantastic Tutor and my son really enjoys his lessons. Together they turn the sitting room into a stage and I’m pleased to say my son achieved a Distinction in his latest exam. Thoroughly recommended."

Hugo - Parent

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