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Terms Of Service


Parents are invoiced half termly, the week before the half term starts. Classes are to be paid for in advance.

A half term is generally 6 weeks so each invoice will be for roughly 6 classes. We ask that invoices are paid within a week of receipt. No refunds will be made once a half term has commenced.

Lessons missed through a student’s non-attendance are still payable.

Private Classes

(This refers to classes of 1, 2 or 3 students during the school day)

Students are excused from their regular class for half a period, once a week. The timetable will rotate. The timetable will be emailed to all parents weekly and all students will have the opportunity to swap slots. We need a minimum of 48 hours notice to do this.

Group Classes

(These classes take place during lunch times and after school)

All classes are payable and slots cannot be swapped.

Online Classes

It is the responsibility of the Parent to ensure all technology is in proper working order before the class begins.

If the Tutor experiences technical difficulties that make it impossible to continue, the class will be rearranged or refunded.

A regular weekly time for the slot for the class will be agreed. Any changes to the slot will be at the tutor's discretion and must be requested with at least 48 hour's notice.


Students will not be entered for their exam until their tutor is confident they will be able to present their very best work. LAMDA charge a fee for examining students. This fee will be collected by Louder Drama and forwarded to LAMDA.

Safeguarding During Online Classes

All classes must take place in a communal part of the home such as the living room or kitchen. Classes must not take place in the Student’s bedroom or private space.

Care must be taken to ensure the workspace is free of any potential hazards such as sharp corners or breakable items.

Classes must go through the Parent’s Video-calling account and not that of the Student. The Student will be contacted through the Parent’s account at their pre-agreed allotted time slot.

Ideally the Parent would be present during the class. For Students who will find this inhibiting, Parents must check in at regular intervals or be within earshot.

Students must wear clothing suitable for a public lesson, for example no pyjamas.

Students will sometimes need access to the Parent’s email account to access scripts or other learning materials. This should be organised and in place before the lesson starts.

All scheduling and correspondence must continue to go between the Tutor and the Parent. The Student must not contact the Tutor themselves under any circumstances.

The use of any photography or filming during classes is prohibited.

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